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Bars and Restaurants Need to Be Sure to Pay License Fees to Play Music in Their Establishments

Did you know that every public establishment, including bars and restaurants, must obtain licenses to have live or recorded music play in their business? The licenses are not difficult to get, but if you don’t pay for them you can be sued for playing music in your establishment. Recently, ASCAP (American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers), a performing rights society that manages the public performance rights for its members, sued thirteen bars and restaurants around the country for not paying for its license.

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Did You Know that “Barcade” is a Federally-Protected Trademark for an Arcade Bar?

Everybody loves arcade bars. These trendy gathering places mix drinking and socializing with video games and nostalgia – appealing to a wide variety of patrons. The easy shorthand portmanteau, “barcade,” is often used to describe these establishments. However, have you ever noticed that the term barcade is actually rarely used in the names or advertising for the establishments?

As you may expect from a blog on legal topics, there is a legal reason for this – BARCADE is a federally-protected trademark for arcade bars owned by a company in Brooklyn, NY. Not only does this establishment own exclusive rights to the term, but this business actively – and some would say, aggressively – polices and enforces against unlicensed use of the term by sending cease-and-desist letters to establishments it thinks are infringing on its mark.

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