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Meet Chisa Chervenick our in house HR Consultant. Check out her bio here.

Chisa Chervenick

HR Consultant | Employment Law


Chisa Chervenick is a strategic Human Resources professional and holder of a  juris doctorate with expertise in legal compliance, employee relations, talent management, and leadership. She has partnered with us as an HR and Legal Compliance Consultant with Anthony HR, the firm’s newly launched HR Consulting and Legal Compliance affiliate.

Chisa was born near Pittsburgh and grew up in the Ohio Valley area, living in Columbus for the past 15 years. She attended Marietta College, where she graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy and a Certificate in Leadership Studies from the McDonough Leadership Program. Following undergrad, Chisa worked for several Fortune 500 companies in leadership positions before returning to The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law to obtain her Juris Doctorate degree.

Outside of her work with Anthony HR, Chisa is an artist and operates her own small art and jewelry business, Birdsong and Bear. She spends most of her free time painting and creating new art, managing her online shop, and vending at community events, arts festivals, and concerts. Chisa is also an avid nature-lover, self-proclaimed tree-hugger, and passionate advocate for animals. She enjoys exploring the woods with her camera and visiting hiking trails wherever she travels, especially when those travels take her out west. She also enjoys gardening, yoga, and spending time with her only “son”, Enzo, a 10-year-old lab-chow mix. Second only to her love for her dog (and her family, of course) is her love for music, especially the Grateful Dead, which Chisa credits as one of the largest influences on the person she is today. Chisa also dotes on her three adorable nephews, Brox, Miles, and Greyson.

Rather than pursuing a traditional legal path, Chisa has instead chosen to utilize her education and experience in an HR capacity, shifting her focus to “fire prevention”- protecting businesses from potential legal actions stemming from a violation of employment laws and regulations before an adversarial situation arises. Chisa says:

“My motivation for employment law stems from a deep sense of justice and empathy that I’ve always felt. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve gotten myself into ‘trouble’ by standing up for what I believed to be the right thing. This passion for doing what is right informs my approach to human resources. Yes, I’m there to protect businesses – but protecting businesses means protecting employees – making sure businesses are doing the right thing by its employees and complying with applicable employment laws and regulations.”

Please join us in welcoming Chisa to Anthony Law’s Anthony HR venture!