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A Seemingly Simple Issue: The Legal Differences Between Starting a Business Alone or with Partners

Deciding whether to start a business on your own or with partners seems like a basic threshold question. But sometimes what might seem like a simple concept can have major legal implications. For startups and small businesses, a single-owner business is relatively basic to start, but as soon as there are more owners involved, there are instantly more issues that need to be dealt with including what do with your LLC Operating Agreement.

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Mental Health Leave Requests: An Employer’s Legal and Moral Obligation

Like a physical ailment, a person’s mental health can affect their ability to work and sometimes even their ability to be available to work. In certain circumstances employers have a legal obligation under the American’s With Disabilities Act (the ADA) to provide certain accommodations and sometimes even grant leave requests to employees experiencing mental health issues. This article explores the applicable legal and moral obligations that may be brought up by mental health issues under the ADA.

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