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ADA Compliance with Compassion, Part 3: What is an Essential Job Function, Really?

Spoon theory is a disability metaphor used to explain the reduced amount of mental and physical energy available for basic living activities and productive tasks that results from many disabilities and chronic illnesses. It can be difficult to explain the personal experiences of living with an invisible illness to those of you who literally cannot relate - how could you when we’re talking about internal experiences and challenges?

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ADA Compliance with Compassion, Part 2: Mental Health & the Interactive Accommodations Process

n this article, we’re going to tackle the interactive accommodations process. What does the ADA mean by an “interactive” accommodations process? What kinds of accommodations might an employer be required to make? How do you accommodate an invisible illness that you may not fully understand? How do you know that your employee has a legitimate disability- couldn’t they be lying?

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Mental Health Leave Requests: An Employer’s Legal and Moral Obligation

Like a physical ailment, a person’s mental health can affect their ability to work and sometimes even their ability to be available to work. In certain circumstances employers have a legal obligation under the American’s With Disabilities Act (the ADA) to provide certain accommodations and sometimes even grant leave requests to employees experiencing mental health issues. This article explores the applicable legal and moral obligations that may be brought up by mental health issues under the ADA.

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