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Facebook and Others Hit With Privacy Fines - What You Should Be Concerned About

Facebook has received a number of recent privacy complaints, with repercussions ranging from increased public scrutiny to monetary fines including a €500,000 ($644,000) fine by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in 2018 – the maximum penalty under the UK’s data protection legislation. The fine was levied after the ICO discovered that Facebook failed to keep the personal information of its users secure by allowing third-party developers access to user information without user consent.

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A Seemingly Simple Issue: The Legal Differences Between Starting a Business Alone or with Partners

Deciding whether to start a business on your own or with partners seems like a basic threshold question. But sometimes what might seem like a simple concept can have major legal implications. For startups and small businesses, a single-owner business is relatively basic to start, but as soon as there are more owners involved, there are instantly more issues that need to be dealt with including what do with your LLC Operating Agreement.

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What Happens to My Business if I Die?

In an LLC, the operating agreement typically dictates what happens to a member’s interests when he or she dies or becomes incapable of serving in their current role. If an operating agreement is silent, state law will govern what happens. In some states, a LLC must dissolve upon the death or resignation of a member. In others, including Ohio, the executor of the deceased member’s estate has the power to determine what happens to the business interests. In order to avoid any unforeseen consequences, it is important to make sure that all potential consequences are considered, and that the member’s intentions are clear.

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Video: "The Risks of Creativity - How to Protect Yourself and Avoid Infringement"

Our intellectual property and corporate attorney Scott Brown recently presented at the Columbus Shopify Meetup hosted by the Electric Eye Agency. Scott’s presentation, “The Risks of Creativity – How to Protect Yourself and Avoid Infringement,” focuses on intellectual property issues related to web-based businesses. This highly informative video covers the following topics: Trademark Copyright Photography…

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