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Defending Against the Increase to Your Property Tax Valuation in Franklin County

Don’t let Franklin County raise your real estate taxes without a fight.💰💰💰

Ah springtime. The smell of flowers, the blooming of trees, the warmth of the sun...and the annual barrage of property valuation complaints from the various district school boards in Franklin County.

For the uninitiated, each Board of Education has the standing and ability to file complaints with the Franklin County Board of Revision to increase the taxable value of your property. All those 3/10 rated schools in the City of Columbus can't be cheap to run, especially when they're using your taxpayer money to pay off $870,000 in unrelated public radio debt.

The Board of Education generally looks for a change in circumstances, such as a recent arms-length sale or property improvements, to bolster its claim that your property value, and hence your taxes, should increase. There are ways to defend against this before the Board of Revision.

If you received a recent notice of complaint from the Board of Revision, don't let them jack up your taxes without talking to us first! Contact Vince Zuccaro today.