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Ben MacDowell Celebrates One Year at Anthony Law


We’re excited to congratulate Ben on one year in the books of building his practice as a business and real estate lawyer at Anthony Law focusing on corporate, real estate, estate planning, and business succession planning. Ben enjoys working with clients to help them achieve their goals in a manner that minimizes risk and provides a solidified future with less stress and uncertainty.

While born in upstate New York, with degrees from Ohio Wesleyan University and the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Columbus has been Ben’s home since 1999. Ben’s wife Richele MacDowell is a Social Worker with the Ohio Health Group and has degrees from both the Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati.  Ben often shares with us how amazing of a mother, wife and friend she is and describes her as his “perfect balance” – crediting her with keeping him in line for the past twelve years.

Ben and Richele have two sons – Regan Hitt, who is researching Typhoid Fever at Ohio State while simultaneously working on dual Masters Degrees at Ohio State in Clinical Pharmacology and also in Regulatory Affairs for Research.  In his spare time, he is studying for the Medical College Admission Test.  Ben’s younger son, Caelan MacDowell, is nine, just finished third grade, and is heavily involved in his baseball team and summer camp.  According to Ben, he is very easy to raise because he already knows everything.

Ben is a do-it-all guy when it comes to free time. His family plans outdoor events around family visits, especially when traveling to West Virginia and has enjoyed zip lining, horseback riding, camping, white water rafting, hiking and visiting museums. Ben also enjoys spending time coaching baseball and basketball, participates in a dart league at Byrnes Pub in Grandview and is anxious to get back on a motorcycle.

Ben’s desire to practice law comes from two main motivations.  First, while attending Ohio Wesleyan, Ben realized that everything in the world we live in has been influenced in some way by an attorney and he developed a desire to learn about this influence and how to help people build and create within our legal system.  Second, he says he had a real fear of doing the same thing every day of his working life and that daily variation can be a real perk of the practice of law.   While Ben’s clients have different business or personal goals, for example, some business owners need him as a real estate lawyer while others seek his business law expertise. His practice at Anthony Law allows him to help them obtain those goals while working on and learning about new things every day.

At Anthony Law, we are privileged to work with Ben. We know that you will enjoy speaking with him as much as we enjoy having him on the Anthony Law team.   Click here for more on Ben.