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AnthonyHR is Anthony Law’s Full-Service HR Consulting firm. Learn more about the services that we offer here.

Anthony HR

a full-service human resources consulting firm focused on HR and Legal Compliance services for small to medium-sized businesses

While there are other full-service HR Consulting firms out there, we’ve recognized a critical gap exists in the market for small to medium-sized businesses that need expertise in legal compliance but may not yet have the need for their own in-house HR professional.

That’s where Anthony HR comes in. Anthony HR’s mission is to protect entrepreneurs from plaintiffs’ attorneys and class action lawyers looking to extract monetary sums from your business. We’re here to protect you so you can focus on running your business and creating value.

Each business’ needs are unique, and an Anthony HR professional will work closely with you to assess the individual needs of your business and create a plan to rectify any deficiencies uncovered. Anthony HR approaches every interaction with the following goals:

  • to create legally compliant systems to protect your business and accelerate growth

  • to attract, develop & retain a diverse, highly-talented workforce and leadership team

  • to implement effective performance management systems and empower leaders

  • to ensure fair and consistent resolution of employee relations issues and adverse employment actions

  • to implement best-in-class people practices that drive employee development and engagement

  • to increase the entrepreneur’s ability to focus on her areas of expertise- ideas, profitability, product development, while we focus on ours - legal compliance, leadership, people

To accomplish these goals, we employ a multi-phase process, focusing first on creating legally compliant policies and procedures followed by establishing legally compliant hiring and onboarding processes, personnel files, performance review systems, corrective action processes, and terminations. We will provide you with the forms and documents you need to run these practices efficiently and effectively, tailored specifically to the needs of your business. And we do this all by offering a variety of packages to meet your company’s budget.

Our packages include the following legally compliant documents and services, fully customized for your business:

  • Employee handbooks

  • Employment policies

  • Employment agreements covering all necessary legal concepts including confidentiality, non-solicitation/non-disclosure, non-compete, arbitration, class action waiver, discrimination, and harassment terms

  • Performance reviews

  • Workplace safety policies

  • Personnel files

We also supply the following hiring, review, and termination process documents and services:

  • Employment applications and employee offer letters

  • Interview guidelines

  • Background check consent process

  • Pre/post adverse letters and rejection letters

  • Orientation and new-hire documents

  • Progressive discipline and corrective action policies

  • Pre/post adverse letters and rejection letters

  • Terminations

  • In-house HR support

To learn more about how Anthony HR can assist you with your business needs, please contact us here.